MultiStriped Multipass Fluorescent Security Ribbon

Ribbon Description
This MultiPass, MultiStriped, Fluorescent nylon numbering ribbon is new to the Security Printing Industry. The ribbon has narrow stripes (33 in a 1.5" ribbon) of alternating red and blue and the red stripes fluoresce orange/red.

The custom made inking machine was designed and built specifically to ink 1" nylon; however, it can ink any width from 1/2" to 1-1/2". We are current inking 1" nylon and any spooled or cartridge ribbon that requires 1" could be manufactured quite easily, (excluding any cartridges with internal reinking systems or any cartridge that utilizes a "mobius loop" feature).

This is a very unique product that should have great potential in any Check Security or Document Security applications.

Printronix Exclusivity
We have an ongoing purchase agreement with a current reseller for several thousand MultiStripe Printronix ribbons per year. This prevents us from offering a MultiStripe Printronix ribbon to any other reseller. The agreement applies to ALL models of Printronix, but it does NOT include Genicom or Tally even though they are owned by Printronix. The agreement does NOT apply to any other brand of printer such as Dataproducts, Epson, Okidata, INOTECH, HP, Troy, etc. nor does it apply to any encoders such as NCR, Atlantic Zeiser, Autographic, and Nale.

Multipass Security Ribbon Multipass Security Ribbon

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