Impact Ribbons

MICR Encoder Ribbons

We have formulated unique ribbons for country and industry specific requirements. We can custom manufacture ribbons to fit virtually any size and formulation necessary.

We stock a full array of innovative, high quality ribbons, including both gothic and MICR.

We supply numbering ribbons in a variety of colors, bleed through and fluorescent, laser formulations, invisible fluorescent as well as multistrike ribbons.

Our industry leading MICR ribbons are manufactured in a variety of formulations and sizes.

All of our Standard , Laser , Bleed Through, and Fluorescent MICR ribbons meet or exceed ANSI standards.

We formulate ribbons to perform on virtually every numbering machine in the industry, from Autographic, Atlantic-Zeiser, Dimuken, Nale, Roberts, and Therm-o-type encoders to Check Tech, Checktronic, Dataproducts, Kerning, and Troy high speed check printers.

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MultiStriped Multipass Fluorescent Security Ribbon

This is a very unique product that should have great potential in any Check Security or Document Security applications.

This MultiPass, MultiStriped, Fluorescent nylon numbering ribbon is new to the Security Printing Industry. The ribbon has narrow stripes (33 in a 1.5" ribbon) of alternating red and blue and the red stripes fluoresce orange/red.


PDF MultiStriped Multipass Fluorescent Security Ribbon



Black, red, green, blue, red bleed through, and fluorescent nylon printing ribbons.

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